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Our Customer Feedback!

4.5 Stars - Based on 573 User Reviews
  • Slam Zamillion Avatar
    Slam Zamillion
    10/08/17 - Facebook

    Complete scum bags. Lied about coming to tow my car for days and then when they did arrive they impounded... read more

    Ashleigh Gray Avatar
    Ashleigh Gray
    13/10/18 - Google

    Great service

    Michelle Jarrett Avatar
    Michelle Jarrett
    30/06/18 - Facebook

    I personally have been helped by the Clayton’s team after an accident & our family loved the show

    Merrilyn Ryan Avatar
    Merrilyn Ryan
    15/05/19 - Facebook

    Good Afternoon Clayton’s Towing
    I’d like to thank you for getting my son and his mates out of Old Cali...
    read more

    Colin Smith Avatar
    Colin Smith
    13/10/18 - Google

    I booked the transport of a van from Biss to Sunny Coast on Friday last. On that Day I was... read more

    Michael Smith Avatar
    Michael Smith
    13/07/20 - Google

    Best towing service in Mackay and the friendly staff

    Patricia Howell Avatar
    Patricia Howell
    25/03/19 - Facebook

    Very friendly and polite staff.

    Belinda Walker Avatar
    Belinda Walker
    20/11/15 - Facebook

    Thank you to your employee Dean for yesterday on the Pomona Connection Rd, his courteousness towards us in a difficult... read more

  • Mal Trees Avatar
    Mal Trees
    24/09/19 - Facebook

    Great guys. go above and beyond there duty. So much help when you need it most. great care with you... read more

    Melek Fahey Avatar
    Melek Fahey
    01/08/20 - Facebook

    Kudos to Linden (I hope I spelt that correctly 😊) from Gympie! Dropped off my sick Renault Master to my... read more

    Emma Dunst Avatar
    Emma Dunst
    21/09/20 - Google

    Luke was amazing. He was patient professional and did the best job getting my car unlocked. I could... read more

    PJ Paton Avatar
    PJ Paton
    10/04/18 - Facebook

    I just want to say a huge thank you to one of your drivers i think his name was Alex,... read more

    Kelly Ludbey Avatar
    Kelly Ludbey
    18/02/20 - Facebook

    Having broken down on a main road this afternoon and waiting (patiently) for some help I was starting to overheat... read more

    Nathan Mechanical Evans Avatar
    Nathan Mechanical Evans
    31/01/16 - Facebook

    Never new asking a tow truck company for qouts would end up in me feeling so insulted pretty much made... read more

    Daniel Calrow Avatar
    Daniel Calrow
    13/10/19 - Google

    Always doing their best to meet deadlines

    Ellen Dollin Avatar
    Ellen Dollin
    09/06/17 - Facebook

    Glen & Allan from the Beerwah depot- top blokes! They went above and beyond to help us out. Especially Glen,... read more

  • Karen Riddell Avatar
    Karen Riddell
    15/06/18 - Facebook

    These guys are great.

    Karin Plugge Avatar
    Karin Plugge
    29/01/19 - Facebook

    Last Wednesday my husband was involved in an accident. Not his fault. Clayton's Towing came to get his car to... read more

    Hayden Tompson Avatar
    Hayden Tompson
    06/08/18 - Facebook

    I like there show

    Katrina Delaney Avatar
    Katrina Delaney
    17/03/20 - Facebook

    Would not recommend Claytons. They were hired to collect a shipping container from our property by someone else. Driver checked... read more

    Chris Thackwray Avatar
    Chris Thackwray
    01/05/16 - Facebook

    I bought a car in the impound auction and got a great deal on towing. Also arrived sooner than expected.... read more

    Tam Calvert Avatar
    Tam Calvert
    13/10/19 - Google

    Mitch and Glen are such an asset to your business, can't talk these guys up enough. They were friendly and... read more

    Damien Mcfarlane Avatar
    Damien Mcfarlane
    20/11/14 - Facebook

    Still waiting for a return phone call about my gate your driver hit? Bad enough nothing was said when it... read more

    Susan Lynch Avatar
    Susan Lynch
    17/05/20 - Facebook

    A big thankyou to Ken from Claytons last night who got our son and his broken down 4WD home safe... read more

  • Nancy Howlett Avatar
    Nancy Howlett
    22/06/20 - Google

    Two weeks ago our Motorhome died just out of Nambour we phoned RACQ who in turn sent a Tow Truck... read more

    Ashley Jones Avatar
    Ashley Jones
    29/03/18 - Facebook

    These guys were awesome the saved both me and my van from the side of the hwy traveling from Tasmania... read more

    Leon Bennett Avatar
    Leon Bennett
    18/06/18 - Facebook

    Awsome Crew an keep up with the awsome great work that u do too help people out of bad... read more

    Michael Jennings Avatar
    Michael Jennings
    13/05/20 - Google

    Total life savers l couldn't be more thankful

    Coby Johns-Simmons Avatar
    Coby Johns-Simmons
    13/10/19 - Google

    Worked great with the friendly and reliable staff to organize the holding and release of the car, would recommend to others.

    Robinson Automotive Group Avatar
    Robinson Automotive Group
    13/10/18 - Google

    Very Professional with modern trucks

    Ruth Johnson Avatar
    Ruth Johnson
    06/01/16 - Facebook

    Thanks Ralph for helpful service at my breakdown today at Kuluin.

    Christine Keem Avatar
    Christine Keem
    01/07/20 - Facebook

    Thanks Joe for helping a damsel in distress, my knight in shining amour. Very kind and professional.

  • Libby Franks Avatar
    Libby Franks
    13/03/20 - Google

    My sister was stranded in a broken down car in Caboolture. We called to book them in and two hours... read more

    Justin Davidson Avatar
    Justin Davidson
    13/04/20 - Google

    Brad from Caboolture was outstanding today, went over and beyond with my pride and joy. I will recommend Clayton's to everyone

    Jenny Valentine Avatar
    Jenny Valentine
    13/10/17 - Google

    I had great respect for Clayton's until today when one of their trucks decided to come to a dead stop... read more

    Stephen Addison Avatar
    Stephen Addison
    03/01/20 - Facebook

    claytons towing team were efficient and very polite in helping us with our 4wd from the sunshine coast to Ipswich

    Paul Bird Avatar
    Paul Bird
    18/04/19 - Facebook

    Very helpful customer service. Looks like a great team of people.
    Came from interstate to pick up stolen car and...
    read more

    Madeleine Darcie Avatar
    Madeleine Darcie
    13/10/19 - Google

    Drivers are always lovely. Efficient service. Easy to talk to and organise

    SiCro Avatar
    13/10/19 - Google

    A great bunch of blokes to deal with for all your towing needs.Towing services aren’t cheap!If you need a vehicle... read more

    Lynda Baxter Avatar
    Lynda Baxter
    11/12/19 - Facebook

    Just had my first experience having to be towed to my mechanics and how thankful I am that Youi Insurz... read more

  • Kirsty Crook Avatar
    Kirsty Crook
    25/11/16 - Facebook

    David Lowe assisted us today after an accident on the Bruce Highway. He was extremely supportive, friendly and helpful. David... read more

    Kate Connolly Avatar
    Kate Connolly
    25/08/18 - Facebook

    Such a lovely accommodating and caring team. Exactly what you need in stressful times

    Jo Binks Avatar
    Jo Binks
    27/11/19 - Facebook

    Jason at Beerburrum was so super friendly when my boys and I got stuck on the side of the highway... read more

    Ray Nevell Avatar
    Ray Nevell
    18/02/20 - Facebook

    Big thank you to Steve & his Rockhampton crew for assisting Lynette & my wife at the scene of accident... read more

    Cam Avatar
    13/12/19 - Google

    Got caught in the hailstorm on the Sunshine Coast this afternoon and the windscreen was badly damaged. Given the number... read more

    Katherine Cox Avatar
    Katherine Cox
    17/05/15 - Facebook

    To the wonderful gentleman who came tonight with his daughter and pulled us out of the storm water ditch on... read more

    Ian Hodges Avatar
    Ian Hodges
    18/02/19 - Facebook

    I have use Clayton towing a lot the service is excellent operation so friendly service give a 5 🌟

    Big Daddy Avatar
    Big Daddy
    13/11/19 - Google

    Very helpful people

  • Peter Simpson Avatar
    Peter Simpson
    13/10/17 - Google

    Always there wgen you need em

    Rachael Seul Avatar
    Rachael Seul
    19/08/20 - Facebook

    Amazing service from clayton’s towing from the lovely ladies on the phone to the awesome tow truck drivers.

    I was...
    read more

    Rosanna Frizzo Avatar
    Rosanna Frizzo
    02/06/17 - Facebook

    Tony from Claytons was marvellous. Very efficient. Ty for a worry free breakdown event this evening!!!!! �

    Zanda Luke Strofield Avatar
    Zanda Luke Strofield
    12/08/18 - Facebook

    Broke my car when towing it off the beach, used the manufacturers gantry hook as a tow point instead of... read more

    Destry Rule Avatar
    Destry Rule
    24/12/19 - Facebook

    I would like to congratulate Clayton’s Towing on their High Level of professional service. Initially I was extremely concerned about... read more

    Paul Lenton Avatar
    Paul Lenton
    31/05/16 - Facebook

    Fantastic service given by one of your drivers after our car died at Forest Glen this morning .Your driver saved... read more

    Susan Valladares Avatar
    Susan Valladares
    02/09/19 - Facebook

    Just had to get a tow with Clayton's Towing unit 538 driver's name Eric, can I just say how oustanding... read more

    Shane Wilson-Smith Avatar
    Shane Wilson-Smith
    23/10/19 - Facebook

    I cannot thank Shane Peterson enough for his help,
    Last Wednesday my wife was in an accident and Shane went above...
    read more

  • Ben Rose Avatar
    Ben Rose
    13/10/17 - Google

    These guys do a great job recovering us when we've broken down. They are always on scene promptly when there's... read more

    Dean Gordon Avatar
    Dean Gordon
    16/11/19 - Google

    We broke down outside kenilworth last Sunday night. We rang RACQ and they had Claytons tow us home over 140... read more

    J T Avatar
    J T
    13/10/19 - Google

    I’d like to give a 10/10 for the prompt and friendly service we received tonight from Henry.He helped reduce the... read more

    Caroline Parks Avatar
    Caroline Parks
    15/03/18 - Facebook

    Thanks to "unit 527" who rescued me on the Bruce Highway this arvo just before the yandina turn off! Pretty... read more

    Chris Rock Avatar
    Chris Rock
    13/10/18 - Google

    Never had my car towed also I live in Florida but I love the netfNet tv show so u guys... read more

    JJ Chen Avatar
    JJ Chen
    14/01/15 - Facebook

    Perfect working and solution for Road Safety, with Mobile Vehicel CCTV System, it will be more strong evidence. Nice

    Penny Hough Avatar
    Penny Hough
    15/08/18 - Facebook

    Had the pleasure of being towed by Glen The Red Barron was very kind in a stressful situation.

    Louise Beaman Avatar
    Louise Beaman
    08/10/17 - Facebook

    All the boys from Clayton's in rockhampton came to our rescue last week with my mates motorhome breakdown. Peter, Glenn... read more

  • Leisa Brown Avatar
    Leisa Brown
    04/08/20 - Facebook

    Thanks to Frank from Clayton Towing ( Mackay) for the awesome service today when our car’s fan belt broke on... read more

    Elle Madkow Avatar
    Elle Madkow
    18/10/17 - Facebook

    7 October will forever stay in my memory. Travelling home from holidays with friends and their well packed, appropriately weighted... read more

    Rob Shaw Avatar
    Rob Shaw
    13/10/17 - Google

    Had a flat tyre tonight. Jason was there within 15 minutes of calling and the wheel was replaced within 5... read more

    Troy Morris Avatar
    Troy Morris
    13/03/20 - Google

    Great Service, helped me out very quickly

    Karen Healy Avatar
    Karen Healy
    16/01/17 - Facebook

    Massive thanks to Glen the tow truck driver aka the knight in shining hi-vis who got me off the very... read more

    Robert Perren Avatar
    Robert Perren
    11/11/15 - Facebook

    A very well presented team , an understanding what the customer needs are

    David Hobbs Avatar
    David Hobbs
    12/10/18 - Facebook

    Friendly timely professional service

    Nat Lowndes Avatar
    Nat Lowndes
    13/04/18 - Facebook

    They say something good always comes from challenging times! Meet Adam Sandler!!! (AKA Clinton�) An awesome guy that picked... read more

  • Dion Delaporte Avatar
    Dion Delaporte
    13/05/20 - Google

    Absolute lowline putrid grubs I was involved in an accident but left my car written off before I could even... read more

    Michael Delaware Avatar
    Michael Delaware
    16/05/14 - Facebook

    Always great services

    Suze Griffiths Avatar
    Suze Griffiths
    21/08/15 - Facebook

    Thank yoo so much for today you picked my man and his three employees up from outside gympie and... read more

    Shaun Guy Avatar
    Shaun Guy
    22/11/15 - Facebook

    I have a mate who come off the road in the wet and they charged him a lot of money... read more

    Lindsey Jones Avatar
    Lindsey Jones
    13/10/16 - Google

    Friendly efficient service at a reasonable price. Thanks guys!

    Paige Preece Avatar
    Paige Preece
    19/06/18 - Facebook

    Incredible courage from the man who didn’t hesitate to help those RTC victims. So brave we’ll done he deserves eternal... read more

    Mumbean Avatar
    26/08/20 - Google

    I highly recommend Clayton’s towing service for your car, my little Fiat was towed in early July 2020 by this... read more

    Blue C Avatar
    Blue C
    13/10/19 - Google

    Taking advantage of people, terrible.

  • Brett McGinn Avatar
    Brett McGinn
    15/06/18 - Facebook

    What are ya supposed to think when yr mate gets his Harley stolen from their supposedly secure holding yard... ��

    Tash Skene Avatar
    Tash Skene
    16/03/20 - Facebook

    Jason was great, he was there within 30mins of being called as we had broken down in Beerburrum and... read more

    Blake Taylor Avatar
    Blake Taylor
    28/02/15 - Facebook

    Absolutely spectatcular performances and done to a tee thanks for your help

    Nerida Kew Avatar
    Nerida Kew
    13/10/18 - Google

    My husband and I would like to thank Josh, a lovely young man who works for Clayton's Towing. Josh was... read more

    Shannon Wolfenden Cook Avatar
    Shannon Wolfenden Cook
    20/09/18 - Facebook

    I’d like to give a big shout out to the tow truck driver who assisted me tonight. Unable to move... read more

    Leon Magar Avatar
    Leon Magar
    07/11/18 - Facebook

    כבעלים של חברת גרירה בישראל golan towin אני מאוד ממליץ על החברה הזאת באמת מקצוענים ללא פשרות.

    Steven James Avatar
    Steven James
    16/06/18 - Facebook

    Glad to see your team not hesitate at all and help when it’s needed

    Sandy Hayman Avatar
    Sandy Hayman
    12/02/18 - Facebook

    Accident in Sippy Downs tonight. Claytons were on the scene before the accident even got reported (at the intersection when... read more

  • Tim Trupp Avatar
    Tim Trupp
    01/09/18 - Facebook

    Big shout out to Clayton’s Towing, Brendon was awesome, service was first class, and he looked after my car like... read more

    Dean Rogers Avatar
    Dean Rogers
    20/02/20 - Facebook

    Bloody awesome service and the red Barron was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Nothing was a problem 👍. Fantastic... read more

    Ian Hart Avatar
    Ian Hart
    03/10/18 - Facebook

    Great people, great service and very dedicated to helping others.

    Keri Sarsfield Avatar
    Keri Sarsfield
    19/09/14 - Facebook

    Awesome company, always no.1 service , thanks guys 🙂

    Rhys Elks Avatar
    Rhys Elks
    23/02/15 - Facebook

    Absolute legends!

    Hans Jusseit Avatar
    Hans Jusseit
    16/10/18 - Facebook

    Great service @ 4:00 am Sunday morning after destroying a tyre & rim in a pot hole on claymore rd... read more

    Levi Bartlett Avatar
    Levi Bartlett
    09/09/17 - Facebook

    Absolutely rubbish. Can't believe that a company treats the general public the way they do, pulls over cars without lawful... read more

    Stewart Peat Avatar
    Stewart Peat
    13/12/19 - Google

    Great service by the staff at Nambour Yard when I went to empty my wife's car after being declared written... read more

  • Trever Jackson Avatar
    Trever Jackson
    16/12/15 - Facebook

    Towed my semi trailer, very professional. Highly recommend Claytons.

    Ross Moorcroft Avatar
    Ross Moorcroft
    29/11/14 - Facebook

    Would like to thank the staff and crew for a great job on the recovery of the B/Double on Friday... read more

    Vicki Miller Wieland Avatar
    Vicki Miller Wieland
    31/07/19 - Facebook

    Massive thank you to Red Baron who stopped and changed our flat tyre on the side of the highway! Such... read more

    Marshall Zac Yarnold Avatar
    Marshall Zac Yarnold
    29/05/18 - Facebook

    Love them came really quick and at a good price wouldn't go anywhere else

    DB Menzies Avatar
    DB Menzies
    13/10/19 - Google

    Doesn't matter what you want to tow, they've got you covered

    Jodey Hope Avatar
    Jodey Hope
    06/05/15 - Facebook

    They are awesome operators that work under difficult circumstances, especially the beerwah crew.

    Rebecca Anne Avatar
    Rebecca Anne
    18/02/16 - Facebook

    Having your car towed, especially when you have children with you and it is really hot is so stressful, so... read more

    Tania Sherley Avatar
    Tania Sherley
    12/06/17 - Facebook

    Had John from Claytons Towing come and pick up my car this morning (organised through my RACQ membership) to be... read more

  • Clare Bailey Avatar
    Clare Bailey
    26/02/20 - Facebook

    Clayton’s Towing rescued my daughter and I today, stuck on the side of the highway where we were a horrible... read more

    Denise Weaver Avatar
    Denise Weaver
    16/11/16 - Facebook

    Was very happy � to see Ralph from Claytons come today to take away my very rusty cars � that... read more

    Shannon Richards Avatar
    Shannon Richards
    31/10/16 - Facebook

    Guys were brilliant the other day when my 4X4 broke down at the Ettamogah Pub.... took care of me and... read more

    Chris Ramsay Avatar
    Chris Ramsay
    06/09/17 - Facebook

    Would always use Claytons,Combined,Major towing when up around the Sunshine Coast.

    In my line of work I need the best towing...
    read more

    Gillian Sun Avatar
    Gillian Sun
    08/10/19 - Facebook

    A big thanks for taking care of my car last Wednesday afternoon and meeting me a number of times at... read more

    David Sutherland Avatar
    David Sutherland
    16/04/20 - Facebook

    Had my car towed to Caboolture from Caloundra this morning with Claytons via RACQ. The Towie that cane was professional... read more

    Lancia Avatar
    13/10/18 - Google

    Very helpful people , a great business! Thanks

    Keegan Leslie Avatar
    Keegan Leslie
    06/11/19 - Facebook

    Shane from Toowoomba, help out with a faulty airbag situation and helps me with idea one other ways to get... read more

  • Anthony Belbin Avatar
    Anthony Belbin
    13/10/18 - Google

    By far the best towing service in the area,, would highly recommend

    Tamara Boucaut-Calvert Avatar
    Tamara Boucaut-Calvert
    25/08/19 - Facebook

    Can't recommend Clayton's towing enough. Mitch was so friendly and professional and took care of not only us, but also... read more

    Jason Smod Richardson Avatar
    Jason Smod Richardson
    30/08/17 - Facebook

    Was picked up by A towie driver 'josh' I think, ,towed me back home,was very polite and professional.thanks again for... read more

    Jacob Bennett Avatar
    Jacob Bennett
    26/03/19 - Facebook

    Highly recommend Clayton’s I felt with allen this morning. Top bloke went above and beyond to help out.

    Range Rovertopo Avatar
    Range Rovertopo
    16/09/20 - Google

    The best! Coolest Yowies around

    Emily Clair Avatar
    Emily Clair
    23/12/18 - Facebook

    I had my car towed on Saturday afternoon from aroona to maroochydore.The guy that came was a absolute gem! Made... read more

    Sam Sword Avatar
    Sam Sword
    17/02/18 - Facebook

    We have just got your TV show airing in New Zealand now and love it seeing the workload and equipment... read more

    Hayden Kasseybaum Avatar
    Hayden Kasseybaum
    14/08/20 - Facebook

    Claytons towing doesn't muck around unlike gympie racq aka gympie motorcycles, left sitting there for hours on end with young... read more

  • Linda Marsh Avatar
    Linda Marsh
    13/03/20 - Google

    Watching your show for first time on Netflix I think everyone is doing an awesome job .

    Jason Mckenzie Avatar
    Jason Mckenzie
    03/04/15 - Facebook

    Rang them after getting my truck bogged on a private property were there half hour later with their mega tow... read more

    Nada Pentecost Avatar
    Nada Pentecost
    16/12/18 - Facebook

    A huge shout out to Anthony, who came to my rescue with a flat battery. .
    What a legend !
    His customer...
    read more

    Curtis Prothero Avatar
    Curtis Prothero
    11/01/18 - Facebook

    Seen your work on netflix in the uk and you guys and girls are awesome

    Anne Hopkins Avatar
    Anne Hopkins
    01/08/20 - Facebook

    Prompt Exceptional service from Michael from Claytons Nanango

    Lindy Hazeltine Avatar
    Lindy Hazeltine
    29/09/17 - Facebook

    Great show on tv and family of hard workers to rescue us�

    Emma Kate Avatar
    Emma Kate
    21/09/20 - Facebook

    Luke was amazing. He was patient professional and did the best job getting my car unlocked. I could... read more

    Shannon Whiston Avatar
    Shannon Whiston
    26/03/16 - Facebook

    You guys were amazing with dealing with my Dads truck accident/fire in Gin Gin can't thank you enough. You were... read more

  • John Hussaini Avatar
    John Hussaini
    13/10/19 - Google

    Very expensive. It cost me over $1300 for towing small truck from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. They quoted $700 to... read more

    peter waters Avatar
    peter waters
    13/06/20 - Google

    Previous experience with tow truck drivers has been positive,however this company needs to have a serious look at their procedures... read more

    Dani Elle Avatar
    Dani Elle
    20/02/19 - Facebook

    big shout out to Aaron at Clayton's thanks so much h for getting my lock nut off so I could... read more

    Maxwell Rich Avatar
    Maxwell Rich
    13/01/20 - Google

    Clatons removed my daughters car after a hit and run crash on xmas day. The crash was horrific. The... read more

    Dawn Simm Avatar
    Dawn Simm
    30/09/19 - Facebook

    Thanks for helping me this morning for my car breakdown in a busy shopping centre great service & with a... read more

    Rewi Erickson Avatar
    Rewi Erickson
    13/10/18 - Google

    Josh just made my day! Thank you for turning a crappy experience into a positive one bud! Absolute Legend

    Samantha Boydle Avatar
    Samantha Boydle
    28/04/17 - Facebook

    Took the old car for a drive, he stopped, Clayton's came and took him home...although I don't think the driver... read more

    Alyssa O'Brien Avatar
    Alyssa O'Brien
    19/07/14 - Facebook

    Fantastic company who actually care about the community. only people putting down claytons on here I know are all opposition... read more

  • Dee Lagway Avatar
    Dee Lagway
    25/06/18 - Facebook

    Thank you so much for your noble act of kindness!

    Donna Baldwin Avatar
    Donna Baldwin
    27/11/15 - Facebook

    I have been using this company for many years and the service is always 5 star. Latest tow was... read more

    Claire M Avatar
    Claire M
    13/10/19 - Google

    Always such nice blokes, take pride in their work and always promptly on time. Will always recommend.

    matt flynn Avatar
    matt flynn
    13/10/17 - Google

    We had dealings with Daniel at Nambour Clayton's, we lost our clutch in the sand at double island point. A... read more

    Kelly Norris Avatar
    Kelly Norris
    22/12/19 - Facebook

    I had snapped a strut in my Ute, Roth came to the rescue towing me to my local mechanic to... read more

    Mandy Dawson Avatar
    Mandy Dawson
    07/09/17 - Facebook

    Thanks Ben for helping me with my car today. Excellent service.

    Janine Ward Avatar
    Janine Ward
    28/10/18 - Facebook

    claytons towing saved the day this morning... Glen was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Even fixed ... read more

    Jasmin Kent Avatar
    Jasmin Kent
    01/02/18 - Facebook

    Just wanted to take the time to recommend these guys. A friend of mine had organised Clayton's Towing to pick... read more

  • Robert Sims Avatar
    Robert Sims
    13/10/19 - Google

    What a true great local business that has grown in to the professional company it is today, Claytons also supports... read more

    Kara Rixon Avatar
    Kara Rixon
    12/05/17 - Facebook

    Tony in Truck 175. Great service and an asset to the company.

    Lynn Watson Avatar
    Lynn Watson
    07/12/17 - Facebook

    I have had 2 experiences with your company were I have had to be towed just would like to say... read more

    Tania Zara Ngalavole Avatar
    Tania Zara Ngalavole
    05/02/19 - Facebook

    From the bottom of my heart i would like to thank Clayton Mackay .i was Involved in an accident this... read more

    Georgia Swindells Avatar
    Georgia Swindells
    13/10/19 - Google

    Was able to tow my oversized vehicle

    Taryn Louise Pratsch Avatar
    Taryn Louise Pratsch
    16/06/18 - Facebook

    For the driver who helped those people in the crash without hesitation. You sir are one of a kind

    Sarah Watt Avatar
    Sarah Watt
    27/01/17 - Facebook

    Had the most amazing and friendly service from Tony tonight when I broke down on the side of the Sunshine... read more

    Raffinatis Gympie Avatar
    Raffinatis Gympie
    23/07/17 - Facebook

    These guys do the best job ever not only if you need towing but keeping the community update on important... read more

  • Dean Pawlak Avatar
    Dean Pawlak
    13/10/17 - Google

    Great service. The staff was very friendly and helpful!

    Kat Thompson Avatar
    Kat Thompson
    13/05/16 - Facebook

    Clinton is an absolute LEGEND!
    Really nice, friendly and helpful guy, he got our boat to a safe, well lit...
    read more

    collin sharpe Avatar
    collin sharpe
    13/01/20 - Google

    Great service

    Robert Smith Avatar
    Robert Smith
    05/07/18 - Facebook

    Recently had two tows with RACQ which I believe Claytons do on the Sunny Coast. Great drivers and trucks.... read more

    Roz Bannan Avatar
    Roz Bannan
    13/10/17 - Google

    I had a flat tyre 9:30 pm on Sunday night, as advised I call Main Roads.I was not given the... read more

    Hailey-Jane Herring Avatar
    Hailey-Jane Herring
    13/02/20 - Google

    Wouldn't think of anyone else

    D raymond Avatar
    D raymond
    13/08/20 - Google

    Easy to deal with and quick service.

    Marie Farrelly Avatar
    Marie Farrelly
    15/07/18 - Facebook

    Had awesome service from Clayton’s recently when we had a blowout on the Bruce Hwy in the pouring rain. What... read more

  • Terry Thompson Avatar
    Terry Thompson
    13/10/19 - Google

    Good towing service. Friendly staff.

    Linden Bailey Avatar
    Linden Bailey
    13/03/20 - Google

    Highly recommended 👍

    Dianne Daniels Avatar
    Dianne Daniels
    11/11/17 - Facebook

    I have had to use Claytons a few times unfortunately. However the professional service offered every time has made... read more

    shane man Avatar
    shane man
    13/04/20 - Google

    Had the manager from caboolture tow our daughters car from a accident on Friday awesome professionalism in carming our daughter

    Joshua Michael Cook Avatar
    Joshua Michael Cook
    13/10/18 - Google

    thank you! Very Good Service! very helpful very happy! 5 stars!

    Jennie Douglas Weston Avatar
    Jennie Douglas Weston
    21/11/19 - Facebook

    Just from watching you guy's on tv says it all about what a great job you all do 👍but in... read more

    Margaret N Wayne Woodcroft Avatar
    Margaret N Wayne Woodcroft
    13/12/17 - Facebook

    We would like to thank Clayton's Towing for their empathy and understanding while Wayne collected our belongings from our wrecked... read more

    Jenny Little Avatar
    Jenny Little
    13/10/19 - Google

    After an emotional week of dealing with the consequences of a loved one injured in an accident and away from... read more

  • Michelle Andrews Avatar
    Michelle Andrews
    16/08/20 - Facebook

    I’ll start by saying that I don’t usually leave reviews for businesses.
    I’ve had cause to use Clayton’s Towing 3...
    read more

    Jake Weegink Avatar
    Jake Weegink
    05/01/18 - Facebook

    Although I haven’t needed any assistance from the Clayton crew I’ve seen their Netflix series and commend the work these... read more

    Sean Wilson Avatar
    Sean Wilson
    21/06/17 - Facebook

    Last night my car hit a wallaby and as a result I was stuck just outside Maidenwell QLD. Dark and... read more

    FPV GT Avatar
    FPV GT
    13/10/19 - Google

    The only tow trucks you see in Gympie are Claytons, they are everywhere, good to see they have the... read more

    Angela Beer Avatar
    Angela Beer
    09/10/17 - Facebook

    Motorhome broke down over 300km from Rockhampton and due to a couple of emergencies that happened the morning we were... read more

    Kathryn Willshire Avatar
    Kathryn Willshire
    09/07/20 - Facebook

    When I had an unexpected issue with my car and needed help on a tricky and steep driveway,
    Glen was...
    read more

    Bond Robbins Avatar
    Bond Robbins
    16/07/15 - Facebook

    Terrible customer service, they where rude and abusive on the phone. I recommend avoiding them and finding another company.

    Robert Quarrell Avatar
    Robert Quarrell
    10/07/19 - Facebook

    I’ve been watching CLAYTONS because I toe a big caravan and I’ve listened to some of their comments on... read more

  • Graham King Avatar
    Graham King
    03/08/16 - Facebook

    Big thank you to Glen for rescuing our van when we did an axle 160k from Rocky, great service on... read more

    Karl Samoson Avatar
    Karl Samoson
    12/04/19 - Facebook

    Scam less. Not lie to customers and steal their money.

    James Hills Avatar
    James Hills
    13/11/19 - Google

    Communicated well and resolved issues quickly

    Glenn Rowley Avatar
    Glenn Rowley
    13/10/17 - Google

    Got me out of trouble tonight, towed me all the way to south brisbane for a decent price, Todd was... read more

    Kelly Hanson Avatar
    Kelly Hanson
    16/04/20 - Facebook

    Quick, professional.....massive safety awareness.

    Mathew Sullivan Avatar
    Mathew Sullivan
    13/10/19 - Google

    Waited a fair while but then Jo arrived, very professional, very friendly and really tried to help me understand my... read more

    Megsy Browning Avatar
    Megsy Browning
    22/01/19 - Facebook

    Polite, friendly and u understanding

    Mic Scott Avatar
    Mic Scott
    13/10/18 - Google

    Were unable to recover a vehicle and trailer with off-road hitch even after specifying the hitch required. Driver lacked experience... read more

  • Ben Whapham Avatar
    Ben Whapham
    06/10/20 - Google

    Will always use these guys in the future

    Mat N Kirst Ryan Avatar
    Mat N Kirst Ryan
    10/12/17 - Facebook

    400km from home car decided to go into limp mode. Neville picked us up and was absolutely brilliant with getting... read more

    Clive Hoskin Avatar
    Clive Hoskin
    01/04/19 - Facebook

    excellent service.always on the job 24.7.

    Rachel Sharp Avatar
    Rachel Sharp
    13/10/17 - Google

    My ute broke down yesterday morning and Claytons were sent to tow me through my insurance company. Unfortunately I didn't... read more

    Kellie Byrnes Avatar
    Kellie Byrnes
    11/03/19 - Facebook

    I had to use Clayton's Towing today (on the Sunshine Coast) and I was so impressed with the service all... read more

    Belinda Nicholson Avatar
    Belinda Nicholson
    13/02/20 - Facebook

    Super big enormous thank you to Claytons Towing Toowoomba for checking in with a helping hand outside Harristown State School... read more

    Evan Johnson Avatar
    Evan Johnson
    13/10/19 - Google

    Amazing service. Fast and friendly. Helped with were I should take my car to be fixed. Local knowledge... read more

    Mandy Draper Avatar
    Mandy Draper
    19/05/17 - Facebook

    I had an accident today in Noosaville, the tow truck driver; Dean was a true gentleman! He went above and... read more

  • Net D Avatar
    Net D
    13/06/20 - Google

    They looked after me and my truck so well, thank you for helping

    Kim Hurley Smith Avatar
    Kim Hurley Smith
    28/05/20 - Facebook

    because my car was damage, l had the pleasure of dealing with Claytons Towing. l cannot speak highly enough... read more

    Sean Walsh Avatar
    Sean Walsh
    01/11/18 - Facebook

    Fast friendly service and take care and do it with pride

    Selina D Avatar
    Selina D
    13/03/20 - Google

    Very professional service by both office staff and drivers, extremely helpful in a stressful situation

    Jill Geoff Cameron Avatar
    Jill Geoff Cameron
    02/06/17 - Facebook

    Keeps you up to date with the things on the road well done guys

    Merili Mia P Avatar
    Merili Mia P
    30/12/17 - Facebook

    Just had two front flat tyres and stuck in the middle of nowhere near Bloomsbury... got these guys through my... read more

    Jim ThePom Avatar
    Jim ThePom
    25/04/16 - Facebook

    Thanks for getting us home Allan!
    Great service making a bit of a disaster a bit more manageable!

    Oliver Clarke Avatar
    Oliver Clarke
    13/11/19 - Google

    Roth was great. Really kind. Recognised him from the new season of Towies. He was a great help especially saying... read more

  • Richo Norman Avatar
    Richo Norman
    29/11/19 - Facebook

    im disgusted to hear whats happened with Robert Hore at your branch in Mackay

    Bev Neumann Avatar
    Bev Neumann
    28/12/17 - Facebook

    Thanks to AJ and to the awesome towie thanks for a great job .... will totalky recommend you guys

    Ali Raybould Avatar
    Ali Raybould
    13/10/19 - Google

    Best service fantastic staff and got our delivery to our home safely would highly recommend

    Fiona Menkens Avatar
    Fiona Menkens
    13/10/18 - Google

    Yesterday broke down just off the Bruce Hwy. Scott came to our assistance quickly... friendly, polite and efficient service.. and... read more

    Michael Scott Avatar
    Michael Scott
    15/08/18 - Facebook

    Were unable to recover a vehicle and trailer with off-road hitch even after specifying the hitch required. Driver lacked experience... read more

    Jen Manley Avatar
    Jen Manley
    22/09/16 - Facebook

    a huge thank you to Scott and staff at Clayton's Towing. great service. 5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Morgans Long Distance Transport Nicole Daw Avatar
    Morgans Long Distance Transport Nicole Daw
    13/02/20 - Google

    Fantastic service, driver was helpful, professional and super efficient.

    Peter Thomason Avatar
    Peter Thomason
    28/01/19 - Facebook

    Thank you Eric from Clayton's Towing. Experts who know what they're doing and really listen to you. They go out... read more

  • Round Tav Gone Avatar
    Round Tav Gone
    11/04/18 - Facebook

    A big thanks to Alex had a flat battery at varsity car park silly me left the lights on great... read more

    Daniel Blore Avatar
    Daniel Blore
    25/03/17 - Facebook

    Thanks so much to Jason for rescuing my car this morning! Excellent job for a fair price! I'm so appreciative!

    Garyth Helg Avatar
    Garyth Helg
    13/10/18 - Google

    Little disappointed in Claytons. Had an issue with our car and it wouldn't start. Great phone service and agreed to... read more

    John O'Leary Avatar
    John O'Leary
    13/10/17 - Google

    Great people to deal with.

    Kayla Rose Avatar
    Kayla Rose
    16/02/15 - Facebook

    I've only just realized that Claytons towing was on facebook otherwise I would have written this alot sooner.
    On the 19.08.2014...
    read more

    Alex Graeme Avatar
    Alex Graeme
    01/01/17 - Facebook

    A massive thank you to tony from claytons towing
    Absolute life saver with my partner and i stuck on the...
    read more

    Sue C Avatar
    Sue C
    13/10/17 - Google

    Awful. Only giving 1 star because Google reviews wont allow me to give none. Claytons is a business that... read more

    Nikki Bee Avatar
    Nikki Bee
    16/07/16 - Facebook

    Would like to send a big thank you to Glen from Claytons Towing. He helped my daughter yesterday on the... read more

  • Meg Coghill Avatar
    Meg Coghill
    10/10/19 - Facebook

    we were told there was a 3-4 hour wait on a dual cab tow truck (after already waiting 4 hours... read more

    Tim Button The Client Attraction Strategist Avatar
    Tim Button The Client Attraction Strategist
    13/10/19 - Google

    Mike and his team were very efficient and make a long and expensive day much better. Dean and Dale my... read more

    Mumbean Avatar
    13/09/20 - Google

    I highly recommend Clayton’s towing service for your car, my little Fiat was towed in early July 2020 by this... read more

    Sam Rogers Avatar
    Sam Rogers
    19/01/20 - Facebook

    Great quick service. Fantastic team. Would definitely recommend!

    Carl Tomich Avatar
    Carl Tomich
    13/07/20 - Google

    I got stuck in a ditch at the end of my road trip. Was a very stressful experience but the... read more

    Annie Noble-Gorzelanczyk Avatar
    Annie Noble-Gorzelanczyk
    01/12/19 - Facebook

    I cant thank Bethany enough for making sure a tow truck came to me asap when I broke down on... read more

    Daniel Mears Avatar
    Daniel Mears
    15/08/17 - Facebook

    I had the front end of my car get smashed off as I exited a roundabout in Noosa. Clayton's asked... read more

    Joe Curtis Avatar
    Joe Curtis
    09/04/18 - Facebook

    The sort of people that you want to rock up when something goes wrong on the highway. Shout out to... read more

  • Helen Smith Avatar
    Helen Smith
    27/11/18 - Facebook

    Great friendly service. Wouldn’t call anyone else.

    Frank Read Avatar
    Frank Read
    29/09/20 - Google

    Spoke to a guy name Nate on the phone. Was rude from the word go. Didn't take in attention to... read more

    Bec Grant Avatar
    Bec Grant
    12/09/18 - Facebook

    Absolutely the best customer service I’ve had from any business in a very long time! All of the team members... read more

    Zedster Lee Avatar
    Zedster Lee
    13/09/20 - Google

    Fast and great price

    Belinda Robinson Avatar
    Belinda Robinson
    16/01/19 - Facebook

    Dear Clayton's
    I am so disappointed in the way that you handled an incident that I reported to you recently.
    read more

    Rowena Amin Avatar
    Rowena Amin
    15/09/19 - Facebook

    We are so thankful for John rescuing us, our puppy, car and caravan today! What a wonderful man who went... read more

    Kari Penny Avatar
    Kari Penny
    13/02/20 - Google

    We had Jason pick us up when our car broke down last week. He was very professional and extremely helpful... read more

    Christine Cullen Avatar
    Christine Cullen
    24/09/18 - Facebook

    Massive thanks to Glen from Rockhampton. Saw us broke down just outside of Rockhampton and pulled over to see if... read more

  • Deborah Olde Avatar
    Deborah Olde
    19/04/18 - Facebook

    Just seen your win news special and think you guys are just amazing. Max is one super cala freakin... read more

    Darcy Burnett Avatar
    Darcy Burnett
    13/04/20 - Google

    Extremely helpful with my grandads accident yesterday and mine a couple of months ago very professional would recommend

    ozslotcars Avatar
    13/10/19 - Google

    Arrived in 2-3 minutes after Clayton’s Towing were called. Great service. Awesome team. Made a stressful time a good time.... read more

    Jeremy Higgs Avatar
    Jeremy Higgs
    22/12/19 - Facebook

    everything regarding towing there is nothing they can't do from pickup a motorcycle to the biggest of b double trucks

    Api Munokoatini Avatar
    Api Munokoatini
    13/09/20 - Google

    They were awsome

    Rory Thomo Avatar
    Rory Thomo
    13/04/20 - Google

    Awesome workman ship

    Lynette Stark Avatar
    Lynette Stark
    21/02/20 - Facebook

    Just want to send out a massive thank to Steve and his crew I was in a 6 car accident... read more

    Suzanne Brown Avatar
    Suzanne Brown
    14/10/19 - Facebook

    Thank you Roth........great job

  • Sonia Solly Avatar
    Sonia Solly
    16/03/18 - Facebook

    Big big thank you to Al, who came and retrieved my husbands car from where he left it.....bogged on the... read more

    Renee Viglione Avatar
    Renee Viglione
    13/10/18 - Google

    Cool dudes ..👍

    Joel A Avatar
    Joel A
    13/10/19 - Google

    They are good at being on time but some of them are careless and will have no care for your... read more

    Nicola Brander Avatar
    Nicola Brander
    02/05/15 - Facebook

    Awesome guys fantastic work they do! Take my hat off to them

    Jeff J Avatar
    Jeff J
    13/10/18 - Google

    Stunning stunning experience working with this company. I cannot say enough how good it was that Clayton’s was able to... read more

    mick robbie Avatar
    mick robbie
    13/10/19 - Google

    Fast and friendly service

    Stephan Wandl Avatar
    Stephan Wandl
    08/08/18 - Facebook

    5 Stars
    I own a removal company here on the sunshine coast, Surf to Turf Removals. I had a flat...
    read more

    Margaret Bassett Avatar
    Margaret Bassett
    07/02/15 - Facebook

    Very professional , friendly , with a job well done.

  • Jake Lawrence Avatar
    Jake Lawrence
    13/10/19 - Google

    Very unprofessional. Got told to go to Bli Bli to pick up my car, so I ordered a tow truck... read more

    Michelle Connell Avatar
    Michelle Connell
    05/03/16 - Facebook

    Hi picked up my partners eh ute on Saturday 6 of march stuck on the Bruce highway Clayton's came to... read more

    Jesse Godoy Lemos Avatar
    Jesse Godoy Lemos
    20/03/19 - Facebook

    Awesome service , Love the show.

    Belinda-Rose Thwaites Avatar
    Belinda-Rose Thwaites
    28/05/17 - Facebook

    My family and I had a terrible day yesterday with our 4x4 being submerged in water. They were so professional... read more

    Trish Pearce Avatar
    Trish Pearce
    12/12/19 - Facebook

    thanks for the courteous and speedy delivery home of my ford!

    Shirley Woolley Avatar
    Shirley Woolley
    13/10/17 - Google

    Love the tv programme, keep up the good work. Hope I don;t need you/

    Bobbielee Girdler Avatar
    Bobbielee Girdler
    28/06/19 - Facebook

    Well done Clayton’s towing. Poor guys complete steering mech snapped in Tewantin woolies driveway. We told him to call... read more

    Kearan Biffin Avatar
    Kearan Biffin
    13/09/18 - Facebook

    My hubby had to pull over very quickly on the Bruce Highway yesterday near Roy’s Road off ramp, as his... read more

  • Louise Nykvist Avatar
    Louise Nykvist
    11/05/15 - Facebook

    Customer service was disgraceful. Organised through RACQ and when contacted direct after 3 hours waiting to them to arrive on... read more

    Braeden Murray Avatar
    Braeden Murray
    16/11/18 - Facebook


    Even bigger shout out to Glen “The Red Barron” !!!💪

    From the moment I called it was...
    read more

    Robyn- Errol Brough Avatar
    Robyn- Errol Brough
    10/07/20 - Facebook

    Many thanks to Lyndon from Clayton's towing unfortunately we had a tyre blow out near Yandina on the Bruce Hwy... read more

    Gem Palliaer Avatar
    Gem Palliaer
    28/09/20 - Facebook

    Fantastic staff they come and got my car and was more then impressed with the service, highly recommended them to anyone

    Carron Field Avatar
    Carron Field
    13/04/20 - Facebook

    Wonderful service by a lovely young man Matthew this morning. Came and rescued us in an RACQ truck. Very professional... read more

    13/02/20 - Google

    Eric from Clayton’s went above and beyond this morning when we were towed. Waited with our van on his truck... read more

    Emma Jane Smith Avatar
    Emma Jane Smith
    13/08/18 - Facebook

    Tonight there was about 6 cars that hit the same jerk rock on Caloundra Rd, mine being the first, the... read more

    Kevin Middleton Avatar
    Kevin Middleton
    25/06/19 - Facebook

    Ability, and your Style..
    You have it nailed...

  • Nikky Swanson Avatar
    Nikky Swanson
    19/09/18 - Facebook

    Bajool accident, Monday, thank you so much Andrew for being so considerate and attentive and caring. You were amazing when... read more

    Mandy Zweers Avatar
    Mandy Zweers
    11/04/20 - Facebook

    Very professional, extremely fast at changing tyre, safety first and very lovely. Thanks Luke 😁👍