Yacht Recovery​

Fraser Island - Waddy Point ​

Fraser Island Yacht Recovery

The Clayton’s Recovery Team headed up to Waddy Point on Fraser islands north-east coast for the beach recovery of a 50-foot yacht.

The 50-foot Yacht had run aground a couple of days ago with efforts put in place to re-float it. With the keel separating and filling with sand, re-floating efforts become futile. Our team was called to get there ASAP before the yacht potentially break up in the surf and caused devastation on the Fraser island beach.

Our team took up our 5-tonne excavator with a winch attachment on the back Big Bertha. Big Bertha and the Excavator worked together throughout the night to successfully winch the yacht up the sand, and into a safe position for later transportation.

From here it will be assessed by the insurers to see if it can be repaired or dismantled on site. The yacht is currently still beached at Fraser island.

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